Why did you start your spiritual journey? Growing up I’ve always been “spiritual “ and had Divine gifts such as Premonitions(dreams that would come to pass), the ability to see spirits and communicate with them, and the ability to feel others' emotions and physical pains. However, my Gifts were tied to a religion. As I got older I began to question a lot of things about myself and my beliefs. did you know? One of the first steps towards enlightenment is curiosity. The more curious I became about my beliefs the more I realized I had been programmed. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t tie myself to any religious practice but I do have an intimate relationship with God & my ancestors. Once I opened myself up to feeling and seeing God in all things my journey took off, I began seeing signs everywhere and my spiritual gifts heightened. During the ascension process, I lost friends and family for speaking my truth. Now I help other women that are in the same part of their journey like I had been Stepping into their truth BOLDLY!

Why did you start doing readings?

Intuitive readings came to me on my journey at a time I had lost everything. I remember being on my bedroom floor crying because I had been so confused, lost, and in pain. I then received a phone call from my mentor at the time randomly and she gave me a reading. I had finally surrendered to the process after running from it for so long & I am so glad that I did. The reading not only brought me clarity but It gave me the peace I had been searching for within that reading she stated “You can no longer run from who you are” and that broke the last brick down of my imaginary wall towards the truth.

AFTER releasing the fear of “Is this demonic”. “Will I go to hell” I then bought my first deck and felt empowered and closer to God than I ever had after a few months of giving myself readings I begin giving readings to those that needed it. The positive impact it has had on the lives of others is what keeps me going. Now don’t get me wrong I am also intuitive without cards because we hold the power The decks are a tool to amplify what’s already there. That was 3 years ago I am now one of the top readers in my City & helping other women along their journey.

Why did you begin working with crystals & waist beads?

Crystal waist beads came to me on my journey 1 year into it. I began becoming curious about my culture, ancestors, and spiritual history before social conditioning. I then found that waist beads were worn in Africa for healing purposes, fertility purposes, and spiritual purposes. Because colors also have healing properties I thought to myself “How can I amplify the healing “. ? CRYSTALS! I began making myself crystal waist beads for different reasons whether I needed courage, peace, protection and etc. The effects it had on my well-being were unbelievable! Other people began questioning the power of Waistbeads and became curious. Waistbeads are also used for body confidence, weight tracking, and let's be honest my creations are CUTE. I am all about uplifting women and giving them something to feel good about themselves while they heal or manifest no matter your COLOR or SIZE. Waistbeads will forever be apart of QueenLunaj. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about myself