Here starts your path too successful ascension


Are you ready to go from stagnant too thriving ?

Are you ready to go from existing to living the life you've envisioned for yourself and your family ?

Are you ready to tell your story and turn your pain into purpose ?

Are you ready to dive into your healing and ascension journey ?

Are you ready to ditch that 9 to 5 and step into your true authentic purpose ?

First it starts with ditching the limiting beliefs of not being ready or good enough ...

TRUTH IS .. you'll never be 100% ready you have to take that leap 

            What’s Included:


  • 8 Spiritual Consulting Phone Sessions per month .

  • Same Day or Day After Appointments .

  • Unlimited Texting Access with your Spiritual Advisor for the month ( TEXT ME AT ANYTIME ).

  • Weekly Personalized Prescription homework for your Spiritual and business healing & growth . 

         How do you know this is right for you ?

  • You want to start and grow your own business

  • You’re super motivated

  • You want some guidance to get in alignment spiritually

  • Your ready to walk in your purpose but your unsure where to start

  • You want to rid yourself of limiting beliefs & habits thats stopping you from getting to that next level

  • You need help with developing habits & a blueprint that'll help you with success.

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