Full Worm Moon in Virgo



We have a Full moon in virgo March 18th , 2022 I'll be breaking down the themes for this Full Moon and What are some best ways to work with this energy

This Full Moon is Apposing the sun in Pisces at 27 degrees creating the number 9

The number 9 in numerology terms represent : Completion, Spirituality , Wisdom and Letting go which is also what the Full Moon Represents .

Pisces representing : renewal , release , inner peace , stillness , escape , seclusion , recharge ,

The Full Moon in Virgo will be Shining a light on :

  • Hygiene

  • Organization

  • Systems

  • Routines

  • Perfectionism

  • Cleanliness

  • Editing ( if your a content creator )

  • Managing schedules

With The Full Moon in Virgo We will be Shedding old skin when it comes to :

Health habits such as better eating , exercising , daily water increase , resting and etc.

Daily self care rituals

Closing a chapter

Balance working life and resting life

What are some things you need let go of when it comes to your daily routine ?

What are some things in your routine you need to switch up when it comes to work life balance ?

I will be hosting a Full Moon in Virgo Group ritual perfect for those wanting to renew and reset March 18th at 7:00PM CST via ZOOM (replays available)


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